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Our Services

Mobile apps

App designing and development requires a lot of creative brainstorming and many hours of work as well as an impeccable follow-up, so we are proud to have an experienced team of app creation with the creativity and discipline you’re looking for. Let us help you make sure that your revolutionary idea sees the light of day.

Web design

When it comes to building a website today, the options can all look alike. Artifex makes sure your site is completely personalized. We are very proud to offer a modern-day product and give the customer an undeniable advantage over its competitors in terms of its web presence, and at a cost that corresponds to the product quality. Before setting out to create, it is essential for us to know exactly what is our client’s vision to do our work in the best possible way.

UX/UI Design

With a sleek and modern UX / UI design, you will enable your business to stand out while pleasing your users with a simple and attractive interface.

Web Applicatitons

Customized software design for the internal management of your company, whether it is to manage your inventory or to do your accounting, your custom software will quickly be your best friend!

E-Commerce, modern era shopping malls!

Given the new generation in which we live, E-Commerce is now unlimited. This tool allows companies to present a clear and organized inventory to their customers, it also allows your customers to shop from home, to stay abreast of new offers and to receive an immediate service. Obtaining visibility for an E-commerce is much easier and more effective than bringing people to a store, while unlike you, the internet can be divided into several parts and serve a large volume at the same time, so do yourself a favour!


Regarding your trademark, your presence on different platforms, your identity or the content you share, Artifex is your go-to. Our agency has a young, enthusiastic team of content creators, graphic designers, data experts and strategists who will help you make this step forward. We know that in 2018, neglecting your company’s presence on the web is an expensive mistake. Artifex carefully takes the time to study your competitors, target your market and then add our magic touch. This digital world is so vast that it becomes more and more difficult to stand out, and it is the quality of the content and its message that determines the success. The line is thin between your customer’s interest and disinterest and our mandate is to make sure that the first option is the result you’ll get.


Our team will provide you with an incredible experience in terms of development. We can answer your needs with applications that adapt to any device. We offer a unique experience to our users no matter the type of application. We area always looking to improve the user experience by using the most recent technologies on the market.


Optimization through the use of SEO, creation of algorithms, market studies and analyzes of our competition are all part of the strategies we use to target your needs and the strategy you require to obtain results that you’re looking for.


Do you need a catchy advertisement campaign for one of your products/services? Do you want to attract a bigger number of clients for your company? Let our content creation and marketing strategies teams take care of providing you with the best image you desire for your brand.


ARTIFEX wants to make sure you are not lost in your ideas. You’re not certain of the color choice for your app/website, or undecided about the placement of different functionalities on your platform? Take some time with our graphic designer and let her suggest a few options that will quickly transform into your vision.